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Transmission modes refers to transferring the data between two or more devices. With the help of these, we can directs the flow of information between two computers. These settings are available on NIC (Network Interface Card) without which no computer can participate over any types of Network.

There are three types of transmission mode:-

1. Simplex Mode
2. Half-Duplex Mode
3. Full Duplex Mode

Simplex Mode:-  In this mode, transmission can be sent in one direction, which means in this mode, a computer can either send or receive the data over the network. Example:- Television Broadcasting, Loudspeaker, Keyboard

Half Duplex Mode:- In this mode, transmission can be sent in both the directions, but not simultaneously. in other word, in this method, a computer can send and receive the data, but not simultaneously. That means, if a computer is sending data, then while sending, it cannot receive data and if a computer is receiving ,then it cannot send data at the same time.

Example:- Walkie Talkie

Full Duplex Mode:- In this mode, data can be sent in both the directions simultaneously.  Example - Telephone lines.

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