Sunday, 4 September 2016


Introduction:- Communication is the life line of human being, thus we communicate with each other with a language which other party can understand and respond back. Any barrier in communication will lead to confusion. 

In today's information driven world, where there are more then 3 billion internet users who access the internet for information. To access information over internet, we need to have an computer or any other electronic system, who can access internet and process the information for us. 

That means computer and e-devices are communicating with each other over network and data stored within are being shared. Since we all know, computer understands only binary language (0,1) (Low, high), we need to devise a system which can create a pathway / system where two or more devices can interact and data can be transmitted electronically with the logic of basic elements of communication system. (Frequency)

Lets Understand the Elements of Communication system where how computer participates in communication system between two or more computer

1. Sender:- In a computer network, a computer can become sender when a user is composing a message /content and attaching the files to send other. While composing the message over whatsapp, Email Interfaces and other mail applications, user encode the message in a language which recipient can understand (English language) and we click on send so that communication applications can again encode the same into number of packets (electronic form) so that message can be transmitted over the network protocols to the recipient computer.

2. Transmission Medium:- It is a physical pathway by which the message in electronic form travels from one place to another, with the help of network protocols which governs the data communication. (Wired, Wireless)

3. Receiver:- When we receive communication/message whether in written or in verbal form, we try to decode / understand the message. In the same case when a computer receives data packets from the sender machine, then the receiver computer decodes the message in the original drafted language(english) so that user can read and understand the communication. This process is known as re-assembling the packets in its original format. Please note:- it is done with the help of network protocols which is specifically designed to govern the data communication, encoding and decoding as per the network frequency requirements.

By- Amrish Kr. Choubey
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