Sunday, 28 December 2014


What is System? 

System is something which create an environment of transforming inputs into output to satisfy the needs. Needs can be of different types and nature. System is also responsible for disseminating company's core business value to its target customers via various marketing strategies. That means one should understand what company is intended to deliver in the market and accordingly an internal provision can be created to align marketing efforts to distribute the vision. Aligning here means integration of all the resources and departments in such a fashion that will accomplish organizational objectives within stipulated time frame. Therefore, system can be defined as a network of procedures which are integrated / linked  in such a way that can accept input from designated sources and transform it into the desired output in the most effective and efficient manner.


  1. Computer System:- Logically if you see the computer, it is an integration of various hardware components which are selected to meet the end user wants / needs. If you see computer as an system, it accepts input from keyboard and mouse and something is there inside the machine which displays the input on the screen through output devices. Then question arises, what makes this computer to accept input, transform it and displays on the screen. Logically to achieve this behaviour of system, we need to identify/collect required hardware components which can accomplish a users computing need. Once collected, integrate all the hardware components in such a manner, so that this integrated hardware components can communicate each other to transform user inputs into desired output in the most effective and efficient manner. 
  2. Mobile Devices:- Today, when you see the types of mobile phones available in the market, some how you may get confused, which one is the best phone as a system. It is to be noted that, while selecting hardware components to make any system, it is very important to match the communication sync of the hardware. If you can select the right hardware components that can interact with same frequency, no matter the brand, and size, that system can give you best user experience. Why we use mobile phones, so that on the move, we can connect to any one in the world and share our thought process. To make a system which can accept user's voice and disseminate that to the end user, we need a components like, mic, speaker, motherboard, screen, battery,communication protocols and processor (network of procedures) etc, which can be integrated in such a manner so that incoming voice can be transformed into digital packets that can be sent through communication channel to the end user. Please see how intelligent these mobile system are. When you are calling someone, you device will accept your voice command and generate output (your voice data packets) and transmit over communication channel and reaches to the recipient phone, where his/her phone becomes input device which is transforming voice data packets to user understandable language.

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