Thursday, 22 August 2019

Understanding Cache Memory

Understanding Cache Memory
As you aware the primary memory of a computer is Random Access Memory (RAM) which is the most important memory who gives workable temporary memory space to load programme files from HDD for further processing by the CPU to get the desired output. The performance is entirely depend upon how fast RAM can load the programme files from HDD to get the faster result as output. 
It is also important to know, if you are frequently accessing an application, every time programme files needs to get loaded from HDD to RAM, and since HDD speed has its limitations, CPU will wait till all the programme files loaded into the Random Access Memory. In order to solve this problem, cache memory has been integrated into CPU or outside the CPU with communication bus for speedy communication.
Cache Memory:- Cache memory is static random access memory where CPU access it more frequently than the Random Access Memory (RAM). Cache memory is also known as CPU Memory. Whenever user give instruction to use any application programme, as a default practice, Operating system understand the user requirements and give instruction to HDD to extract application files and it gets loaded into the RAM, then CPU access RAM to process programme instructions. That's how computer functions. But when cache memory is in place, CPU first access cache memory to read the instructions of frequently accessed application to process and generate quicker output as cpu needs not to access them again from RAM or other storage devices. 
All the frequently accessed files are cached in the system as cache function. Fast access to these instructions increases the overall speed of the program  and  user can experience increased performance.
Important Point to remember:- Computer with slower CPU capability with larger cache memory will be more faster than those computers with faster CPU capability but less cache space.


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