Sunday, 23 October 2016


Internet:-  Internet is the network of networks which allows everyone to access anything across the world available in digital format that include Knowledge, Leisure, Virtual Market, Education over one space called Internet.

Internet is the backbone of globalization which can create one network where anyone can access any content, buy & sell product and services, share any thought-content, and transact with the each other. That can be for individual interest and professional setup. One World One Network.

Those who wants to be a part of Internet, one must comply the internet protocols and use the power of global network to reach each and every corner of this world. Marketers have exploited this power and now using this to reach their respective customers using E-Commerce and marketing through Digital Marketing to create awareness and inform customers. Internet users in the whole world in more that 3.5 billion and increasing at the average rate of 8% per year.

Since it is open network,  Internet is also known as Public Network where anyone complying the internet protocols can access anything. There are many biggest name who have changed the way we communicate using Mail Services, Cloud Storage and Instant Messaging services including Google, Yahoo, and Facebook etc.

Intranet:- Intranet is a private network developed by the enterprise for private use. In this type of network setup only authorized users can access the data and resources for communication and processing day to day activities of the enterprise, thus ensuring the privacy and security of data within the enterprise.

Intranet can be created on Local Area Network and over Internet, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If Intranet has been created over LAN, then only authorized user can access data and process day to day activity within the enterprise setup as all must be accessing these services over Local Area Network. In case if any user is outside the enterprise network setup, user will not be able to access the Intranet resources.

Now a days, Intranet is available over Internet which gives the flexibility to the enterprise authorized user to gain the access of enterprise resources from any corner of the world. When we are in open network, there is always a concern of data security. While working with Public Network, Intranet uses Secure Socket Layer protocols to encrypt the data punched via browser in the Intranet page of the enterprise by all its authorized users from the globe.

Extranet:- Like Intranet, Extra-net is also a Private Network. Logically it is the extension of Intranet where enterprise extends its private network to their customers, supplier, vendors, trading partners and other business entities. In this network setup, authorized extended users like customers and trading partners can partially access the enterprise resources as per the agreed term & conditions and such communication which can satisfy both party needs and wants. It's like automating business processes and aligning the business transaction between enterprise and its trading parties including customers and suppliers.

Since it is a private network, data security and privacy of all the stakeholders are very important, to protect the same, it runs over firewall, SSL, and VPN setup ensuring the protection from data intruders. With the help of Extranet, enterprise can disseminate large amount of data using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) between Customers, Suppliers and Business partners ensuring smooth and fast transactions without the intervention of human being. Enterprise can share product and service catalogs, Joint research, work group collaboration and Banks can collaborate banking services with each other to provide better services to their customers. Ex:- ATM.


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