Tuesday, 2 August 2016



Computer is derived from the word compute which means to calculate. That means a system which can calculate or perform arithmetic calculations. In earlier times whatever research were carried out, it was done to find a reliable system which could do full arithmetic calculations. 

Thus, a computer is an electronic device that can perform full arithmetic operations.

Computer is also known as Data Processor, because it can store , process and disseminate the data whenever desired from the machine. Now a days the meaning of computer has changed with the help of Software and hardware and most importantly with the advent of artificial intelligence. That really makes this machine most important because without this, we cannot run any software into it.

In a very simple terms, a computer is just a processing device which accepts inputs from the users and based on the input provided, it process and generates the output in the fractions of seconds.

The process of transforming data using computer is called  DATA PROCESSING.

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