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As discussed earlier, operating system is very important software which creates a communication interface between application software and with hardware. Since there are many types of user (Individual and Business units), and we have types of Computer available with different hardware configurations with different price tags, which we choose as per our requirements. To name a few we have Micro-Computers, Mini and Mainframes. 

For general purpose we use micro-computers like laptop, desktops and smart devices. but when it comes to industry where various industrial software like ERP, CRM and SCM etc are functional via private mode - Intranet. In this mode ERP, CRM and SCM etc like software are being served to thousands of employees and Customers over the internet at the same time. In this situation OS plays an important role as it creates an communication environment with the computer hardware and the application software. 

When it comes to managing thousands of user requests for different data over the Internet, we need to have a powerful Operating system which can manage such huge numbers and addresses each user requests with the help of the computer hardware. Similarly if the users are huge and we need to serve them any services/applications over the Internet, we also need to have powerful computer like mainframe with data center to handle huge data processing and dissemination task.  

Operating System are of two types:-
  1. Single User Operating System
  2. Multi User Operating System
Single User OS:- These system are used for mainly computers having only one terminal i.e stand-alone computers/PCs. Or such system are designed to serve only one user at a time.

MS DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) and PC DOS (Personal Computer Disk Operating System) are the two important single user operating systems.

Multi-User Operating System:- These system are designed to serve two or more users simultaneously. These system software are used for those computers namely into Micro, Mini and Mainframe which have many terminals (multi-user systems). 

The popular operating systems used for multi-user systems are UNIX, Microsoft Server 2000, 2003, 2007 etc, Linux Enterprise Edition,Windows XP, Windows 10 etc.

Now lets understand Multi-User Operating system

What is stand alone Computer:- Stand alone computer are those computer which runs on its own hardware and operating system. Like our Personal Computer Microsoft or Apple.

What is Terminal and Workstation:- When we use our stand alone machine to log on to any intranet website or public website like GMAIL, then our stand alone machine turns into terminal and workstation since the user would be using the services / links available after logging and getting the personalized page. Once user has log out / sign out from the page, then terminal / work station becomes stand alone machine.

What is Server:- We can make any computer system as server provided it has multi user operating system and depending upon the hardware configuration, user will experience performance and speed over the network whether it is being done over LAN and Internet.

Logically, mainframes are configured with Server edition OS (Windows Server, Linux Enterprise Edition etc.) which has more powerful CPU and high speed communication bandwidth designed to handle thousands of user request over the Internet.

Any services which we access over Internet using browser is being transferred through servers of specific domain and Multi User OS ( Windows Server) handles these large numbers of user requests coming from various places at the same time and server of specific domain handles all such requests and get the job done with the help of connected powerful hardware like CPU and collection of high speed SSD/ HDD (Data centers). Example:- facebook, Google and Gmail services which we access them over the network called Internet.

When we use above services over Internet than stand alone machine becomes workstation/terminal after log on and once we sign out, machine turns into stand alone machine which can now handle / process your request like listening to music, preparing presentations etc.

That means, Without Multi User operating system, computer cannot connect to network thus will not let user to interact, fetch and distribute data between two or more computers.

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